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KH Therapy aims to provide you with an excellent high standard of care given through physical therapy sessions. Our services will help you become pain free by education, knowledge and help strengthen the body through rehab and movement.

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Reach your body fullest potential

Physical therapy sessions can help you if you are struggling in pain during your working/ daily life. By understanding what is going on in the body I can help you reach the full potential of what you are capable of. Get back to what you enjoy doing!This can be done building strength through exercises, improving mobility , understanding pain and how biopsychosocial elements of our busy lives can impact pain. Become the best version of yourself by starting your health and wellness journey and elevating your body by providing yourself with care and recovery. Elevate your career, hobbies and social life by looking after your body.

Why Me?

I am someone who is friendly and approachable when it comes to your 1-1 session. I am here to listen to your concerns and thoughts before your session also. I feel a personalized plan for recovery is needed for each individual as no one injury / problem is the same. Each session is tailored towards your wants / goals and needs in getting back to your fullest potential. Through education, knowledge and movement I can help you on your journey to recovery. I understand how important your past & previous injuries & experiences can influence pain. This is why there is a detailed discussion in a private yet appropriate manner where you can explain your struggles. Feel listened to and heard rather than rushed in your physio session.

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I"I would gladly recommend KH Therapy clinic 5 star"

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"Kelly knew what she was talking about and was able to put her experience into action to help me reduce my pain."

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How Can We Help?


Sports Massage/Deep Tissue Massage

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Corporate /Wellness Workplace Events 


General Aches & Pains

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Pitch Side Cover for sporting events

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Return to Play/Sport & Strapping & Taping

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Musculoskeletal Injuries

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Pre & Post Surgery rehab 


Injury Prevention 

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