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Here at KH Therapy the aim is to provide you with an excellent high standard of care through our services.

I am the physiotherapist that will be looking after you on your journey from start to finish. My journey started in 2016 when I started my career in physiotherapy with IPTAS. I continue my learning through Continual Practical Development by the hours logged each year. The constant change and update in new information in relation to physiotherapy is key to keeping up to date with the evidence, articles and information released. I always want to better my understanding of the human body so these courses are vital in my continual learning.


The key fundamentals of KH Therapy is to help educate you through knowledge and help strengthen your body through rehab and movement. Through my education and learning I have come to understand the body and how it works and how it is injured is not always black and white. Sometimes it can be unclear so there can be a grey area in understanding this. This means there is no one size fits all answer for everybody and their musculoskeletal problems. It is always going to be specific to each patient. So when you visit KH Therapy your session is tailored to suit you and work for you. 

The clinic in Clondalkin, based in Ace Enterprise Centre, Bawnogue Road, Dublin 22 has been open since the end of 2020. Here I can deal with clients in a professional setting at a time that suits you. Most clients opt to visit the clinic where your injury can be assessed, however there is a an option for home visits. Home visits can be organised if its due to your injury or personal preferences. Home visits out of the Dublin 22 area can be arranged, although depending on the area, rates will be increased. Please contact me directly to discuss. There is free parking also available when you visit the clinic with gated security for any late night appointments.

I have experienced physio in a hospital setting where I was left feeling unheard, rushed and given a paper version of basic exercises to help me with my injury. In the mainstream physio sessions they are quick , routine and follow a basic guideline and overpriced. My approach is to use your input along with my experience to create a personalized experience in which you leave feeling educated , more knowledgeable about the human body and why you may be struggling with getting back to full health and give you tools to overcome these obstacles.

Kelly Hodgins - Lead Physio




Physiotherapy entails getting  background information from you,  we will discuss this relevant information needed before your assessment. This can include medical history, injuries, accidents and medications.



Your therapist will go through some movement patterns and testing sequences to understand more about your issue. All areas in the assessment is explained to the client for a better understanding of what is going on.


treatment & Homecare

Your therapist will give you a treatment relating to your problems and give you some exercises for your rehabilitation at home. These will be tailored to your hobbies and activities that you enjoy making your rehab process enjoyable.

What type of person can I help?

Someone dealing with aches and pain on an ongoing basis who doesn't understand why they are in pain.


Someone looking for a recovery programme to follow post surgery.

Someone about to undergo surgery who has been told to seek aid of a physiotherapist to assist them on their journey.

Someone who needs massages regularly to aid in their recovery for their hobbies/active lifestyle. 

Someone who has been to physiotherapist before that left feeling under valued,  and didn't leave feeling satisfied. 

Someone willing to change the reality of their ongoing pain patterns and who is open and accepting to changing their habits.

Women dealing with menopausal aches & pains.

Someone seeking advise on pain management.

Someone who is tired of dealing with pain on a daily/weekly basis Interested in improving their sport/passion /hobby from a recovery point of view 


Someone who values the fitness industry & is active in the gym /sporting community/ hobby of their own


Someone who wants to get back to their normal daily life after an injury/ musculoskeletal operation / surgery

Business' eager to grow and build their health benefits from a wellness point of view.


Your Therapist


"Setting up my own clinic has been my biggest achievement to date and I hope to grow and expand KH Therapy with the help of my clients."

Kelly has worked at KH Therapy since 2020 and previous to this she  has logged clinic hours as  part of her time in education. Acting as a physical therapy student progressing to being the leading physical therapist in a supervised setting.

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